What To Do After Your Building Is Upgraded

Once the wireless network in a building has been upgraded, it is important for the occupants of that building to test out the improved wireless coverage.

Technology Services wants to hear your feedback about the coverage in completed buildings. If you experience issues in a completed building, Technology Services can help you properly configure your device to connect to the campus wireless, or if necessary, Tech Services network engineers will make further adjustments to the coverage in that building.

Understand What Is Covered

When the Wireless Expansion and Upgrade project designates a building as completed, this means that there should be wireless coverage in most spaces in that building. While network technicians worked to maximize the wireless network coverage in every building, certain spaces were deemed outside the scope of this project.

Spaces where you should NOT expect to see wireless coverage include:

  • Building Mechanical Spaces
  • Closed Stairwells
  • Building Bathrooms
  • Library Stacks
  • Elevators
  • Outdoor spaces

Connect to the Wireless Network

The easiest way to see if the upgraded wireless network in your building is working properly is to connect to the campus wireless network.

If you experience problems connecting a particular device to the wireless network everywhere on campus, you may need to properly configure your device.

However, if there are specific parts of a completed building that you expect to have wireless coverage and you still cannot connect, this could be an issue with the wireless coverage and not your device.

Please contact the Technology Services Help Desk if you are unable to connect to the campus wireless network from a completed building. You can call the Tech Services Help Desk at 217-244-7000 or email at consult@illinois.edu.

Watch Out for Rogue Wireless in University Buildings

One factor that can cause significant wireless connectivity issues is the presence of “rogue” wireless signals. Tech Services does not allow devices to broadcast wireless signals in University buildings unless the device was issued by the University. Some examples of these devices include wireless routers, tethered smartphones, and printers that broadcast wireless signals.

If you are currently operating a non-University device that generates a wireless signal, please disable the wireless signal from this device when inside University buildings.