Student life at Ikenberry Hall.

The University of Illinois is transforming its academic and research environments by improving the campus wireless and mobile experiences for students, faculty, and staff.

Two projects, the expansion and upgrade of the campus wireless network, and the expansion of the campus cellular network, are designed to address the current exploding need for mobile connectivity and prepare the wireless network for the needs of the future.

Wireless Expansion and Upgrade Project Complete

The Wireless Expansion and Upgrade project, which began in 2014, was completed in May 2017. The $8.4 million dollar project was completed under budget and ahead of schedule. Technology Services has created multimedia and accessible reports detailing the successes of the effort.

Why do we need to expand and upgrade?

Over the last decade, more of the technology that is used in education and in our daily lives began to rely on having some kind of network connection. The acceleration of this trend in the last few years caused problems for colleges and universities across the country, including the University of Illinois.

The prevalence of wireless devices on campus has created expectations from students and faculty for increased wireless coverage and availability. At the same time, the explosion of the number of new devices on campus places greater burdens on the existing wireless network. With predictions of even more devices and objects relying on network connectivity in the future, now is the time to improve the wireless experience at Illinois. (Read More…)