The following is the list of buildings that are considered in-scope for the Wireless Expansion and Upgrade Project. The Academic Mobility Advisory Group (AMAG) is responsible for maintaining a prioritized schedule for building work over the three years of the project.

Buildings In Scope for Wireless Expansion and Upgrade Project

1001 W Nevada, Urbana
1004 S Fourth, C-Police Training Ins
1108 W. Stoughton
1203 1/2 W Nevada, Urbana
1203 W Nevada, Urbana
1204 W Nevada, Urbana
1205 W Nevada, Urbana
1205 W Oregon, Urbana
1206 W. Nevada
1207 W Oregon, Urbana
1401 S Maryland, Urbana
201 W. Curtis, Suite 1
203 W. Curtis, Suite 3
205 S Goodwin, Urbana
408 S Goodwin, Urbana
505 E Green
608 S Mathews, Urbana
631 E. Green
703 S. Wright
709 S. Wright
704 S. Sixth, Champaign
805 W Pennsylvania, Urbana
901 W Oregon, Urbana
907 1/2 W Nevada, Urbana
909 W Nevada, Urbana
912 S Fifth, Champaign
912 W Illinois, Urbana
Abbott Power Plant
ACES Library, Info. & Alumni Center
Admissions and Records Building
Advanced Computation Bldg
Aerodynamics Research Laboratory
Aeronautical Laboratory A
Aeronomy Field Station
African American Studies
Agricultural Bioprocess Lab
Agricultural Engr Sciences Bldg
Agriculture Services Building
Agronomy Seed House
Agronomy South Farms Lab
Airport Rescue and Firefighting
Altgeld Hall
Animal Sci Shop & Stor-Horse Farm
Animal Science K40 Facility
Animal Sciences Laboratory
Architecture Annex
Architecture Building
Art and Design Building
Asian American House
Astronomy Building
Atmospheric Sciences Building
Beckman Institute
Bee Research Facility
Bevier Hall
Biological Control Laboratory
Biomass Drying Open Shed
Building Research Laboratory
Burrill Hall
Business Instructional Facility
Campbell Hall
Central Receiving Building
Ceramics Building
Ceramics Kiln House
Chanute Facility #918
Chanute Facility #927
Chanute Facility #933
Chemical & Life Sciences Laboratory
Child Development Laboratory
Children’s Research Center
Christopher Hall
Civil Engineering Hydrosystems Lab
Clinical Skills Learning Center
Coble Hall
Colonel Wolfe School
Computing Applications Building
Coordinated Science Laboratory
Crop Sciences Research and Education Center
Dalkey Archive Press (PSSB)
Dance Studio
Davenport Hall
David Kinley Hall
Digital Computer Laboratory
Driver Training Facility
Durst Building – 1112 W. University
Early Child Development Lab
EBI Farm Shed South Farms
Education Building
Electrical and Computer Engineering
Energy Bioscience – Metal Shed
Engineering Hall
Engineering Sciences Building
Engineering Senior Design Lab
English Building
Entomology Laboratory
Environ Health & Safety Bldg
Equine Research Barn
FAA Design Research Laboratory
FAA Performing Arts Annex
Feed Storage Plant
Flagg Hall
Foellinger Auditorium
Forbes Natural History Building
Foreign Languages Building
Fred Turner Student Services Bldg
Freer Hall
Fruit Research Farm – Admin. Bldg.
FSI – Classroom/Office
FSI – Fire StationFSI – Hazmat Storage Building
FSI – Learning Resource Research Center
FSI – South Storage Building
FSI – Storage Building
Gable Home
Geological Survey Laboratory
Grainger Engineering Library Information Center
Gregory Hall
Gregory Place I
Gregory Place II
Hangar #1
Harding Band Building
Henry Administration Building
Horticulture Field Laboratory
Huff Hall
Hydrogen Liquefier Building
Illini Hall
Illini Media Building
Illinois Simulator Laboratory, Beckman Instit
Illinois Sustainability Technology Cntr
Institute for Genomic Biology
International Studies Building
Irwin Academic Service Center
Japan House
Kenney Gymnasium
Krannert Art Museum
Krannert Center for the Performing Arts
Laser – Radar Facility
Law Building
Levis Faculty Center
Library and Information Science Bldg
Lincoln Hall
Loomis Laboratory of Physics
Machinery Storage Building
Madigan Laboratory, Edward R
Materials Science and Eng Bldg
Meat Science Laboratory
Mechanical Engineering Building
Mechanical Engineering Laboratory
Medical Sciences Building
Micro and Nanotechnology Laboratory
Milking Parlor-Lincoln Ave Dairy
Morrill Hall
Motorcycle Safety Office
Mumford Hall
Music Building
National Soybean Research Center
Natural History Survey Greenhouse
Natural History Survey Storage B #2
Natural History Survey Storage B #3
Natural Resource Studies Annex
Natural Resources Building
Newmark Civil Engineering Building
Noble Hall
Noyes Laboratory of Chemistry
Nuclear Physics Laboratory
Nuclear Radiation Laboratory
Oak Street Chiller
Oak Street Library Facility
Optical Physics and Engineering Bldg
Pest Management Laboratory
Physical Plant Service Building
Physiology Research Laboratory
Plant Sciences Laboratory
Plant Services Building-Northeast
Police Training Institute – Tactical
Ponds Site Laboratory
Poultry Breeder House #5
Poultry Cage House #3
Poultry Grower House #4
Poultry Hatchery #1
Poultry Specialized Research #2
Psychology Laboratory
Public Safety Building
Quonset #8
Radio Transmitter Station
Rehabilitation Education Center
Richmond Studio
Robert A. Evers Laboratory
Roger Adams Laboratory
S. Farms-Beef Cattle & Sheep Field Lab
School of Labor & Employment Relations
Seitz Materials Research Lab
Sheet Metal Barn – USDA
Shelford Vivarium
Siebel Center for Computer Science
Smith Memorial Hall
Snow Removal Equipment Building
Solar Decathlon House 2011 ‘Re-Home’
South Studio #1 (Art Studio)
South Studio #2 (Sculpture Building)
South Studio #3 (Glass Sculpture Building)
South Studio #4 (Ceramics Facility)
South Studio #5 (Graduate Photography)
South Studio #6 (Graduate Painting Fac.)
South Studio #7 (General Arts Building)
Soybean Research – Agronomy Farm
Special Materials Storage Facility
Speech and Hearing Science
Speech Language Pathology Clinic
Spurlock Museum
Stock Pavilion
Student Services Arcade Building
Superconductivity Center
Swanlund Administration Building
Swine Isolation Unit
Swine Res Ctr-Headquarters Bldg
Swine Res Ctr-Isolation Bldg
Talbot Laboratory
Temple Hoyne Buell Hall
Transportation Building
Turner Hall
Turner Hall Greenhouses
Undergraduate Library
University High School
USDA Growth Chamber Building
USDA Soybean Laboratory
Vermillion Development Building
Vet Med Basic Sciences Building
Veterinary Medicine Chiller Plant
Veterinary Teaching Hospital
Water Survey Research Center #1
Water Survey Research Center #2
Water Survey Research Center #3
Water Survey Research Center #4
Water Survey Research Center #5
Water Survey Research Center #6
Water Survey Research Center #9
Water Survey Shop & Equip. Bldg #11
Wohlers Hall
Wood Engineering Laboratory