All Buildings Completed or In-Progress

The Academic Mobility Advisory Group (AMAG) is happy to announce that all buildings that are in-scope for the Wireless Expansion and Upgrade project have either been completed or  work is underway!

When the Wireless Expansion and Upgrade project started in 2014 there were approximately 270 buildings in-scope. To date, 243 of those buildings remain in scope, and 178 of those are completed. The remaining 65 buildings are either in the construction phase or the planning and review phase.

The original wireless footprint of the campus had 2,377 wireless access points (WAPs). As of November 16, the Wireless Expansion and Upgrade project has added 3,613 wireless access points, bringing the campus total to 5,953. Those new WAPS provide an additional 4,335,600 square feet of wireless coverage to campus, with more coverage still to come.

Recently completed buildings include:

  • Beckman Institute
  • Burrill Hall
  • Micro and Nanotechnology Lab
  • Noyes Laboratory of Chemistry
  • South Studios #1-7
  • Spurlock Museum
  • Vet Med Clinical Skills Learning Center
  • Fire Service Institute – Fire Station
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